“Ahorro Sapiens’s” musical production making of.

June 12, 2015

Soho square campaign for Santander Rio. Supercharango musical composition, performed by “Orquesta sinfonica Ciudad de Buenos Aires”.

Tapones de Punta. Four songs performed and recorded live.

May 12, 2015

Four songs performed and recorded live in Romaphonic studios
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Making of “Financially incorrect”. BBDO Argentina’s campaign for Tarjeta Naranja.

March 10, 2015

Supercharango musical composition performed by baritones and tenors from the Teatro Colon of Buenos Aires.

Supercharango revisits Mozart’s “Papageno” for Mc Donald’s

November 9, 2014

Documentary of the musical production of Mozart’s Magic Flute for this Taterka’s campaign, performed by “Orquesta sinfonica Ciudad de Buenos Aires”.

Supercharango releases Porotta´s first album.

July 8, 2014

Ten songs recorded during a year period at various studios: Supercharango, Romaphonic ( formerly Circo Beat ) and La siesta del fauno; it was mixed at Phonic Monkey. Read More →

Lola launches “Respect” for Nomad Skateboards.

April 1, 2014

Lola, Lowe & Partners’s agency in Spain, has been responsible for “Respect”, the last campaign for Nomad Skateboards.
Three spots made by Diana Kunst Garlic Productions, reflect the parallelism between different professions and the world of skate. Read More →

“Canción para EMA”. We give you a song, give us what you can, played by Dread Mar I, Kevin Johansen and Juanchi Baleirón, composed and produced by Supercharango.

December 12, 2013

EMA- Esclerosis Multiple Argentina is a non-profit private organization founded in 1986 to assist people diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). MS is a neurological disease, chronic, disabling, of unknown cause that affects the central nervous system, and manifested mostly in young people between 18 and 35. Read More →

J & B and Boa mistura bring colour to “El Mercado de la Cebada” in Madrid with Supercharango’s music.

October 28, 2013

J & B, urban artists and Boa Mistura performed “VIVE EL COLOR” to give life to the construction of “El Mercado de la Cebada” in Madrid.
The change is not only reflected on the outside as it is being renovated the inside with new spaces and being offered exhibitions, conferences, showcases … Read More →

Supercharango is producing Zambayonny’s new album.

July 10, 2013

The material is in process of recording in our studios by Supercharango’s musicians.

New campaign for Personal. Musical production by Supercharango. Lyrics and music by Sambayonny.

January 9, 2013

The piece of TV created by Santo, tells through a song different love stories and through “Personal”, develop and evolve over time. The campaign also includes print, outdoor, radio, digital and social media activations in hostels and events.

Supercharango composes and produces music for Car One. “Patentes desafortunadas”

December 10, 2012

Leo Burnett Argentina created the “Patentes desafortunadas” campaign for its client Car One. The campaign consists of a promo which points anyone who has an unfortunate patent and can get rid of it by changing his car.

Supercharango won the “Lapiz De Oro” award with “Cirugía” from FIAT and Leo Burnett

July 26, 2012

The band from the commercial “Cirugía” for Fiat Palio was the winner of the “Lapiz De Oro” award, granted by Editorial Dossier. The commercial is a Leo Burnett agency’s creation and is part of the “Presente Perfecto” campaign.

Supercharango and Jagermeister, present a new album from “Tapones de Punta” in “La Trastienda”

July 23, 2012

Presenting his new album, “Tapones de Punta” invites you to experience a universe where music and tribal merge to give place to a funk-psychedelic ritual.

La plegaria del vidente” premieres June 19

June 11, 2012

The Gonzalo Calzada’s movie musicalized by Supercharango and starring by Gustavo Garzon, Valentine Bassi, Vando Villamil and Rodolfo Ranni hits the theaters. Read More →

Supercharango won the”Lapiz de Platino” award in Music 2011 with “Sopleteador” from Santo and Arnet

March 27, 2012

The musical band “The sopleteador 2”, by Supercharango for Arnet’s comercial created by Santo, was chosen as the “Lapiz de Platino of Music 2011”.

Supercharango in the Workshop of the 1st edition of the Media Night (Noche Audiovisual)

March 18, 2012

The event was organized by the Ministry of Economic Development last Saturday in El Dorrego, in order to celebrate the Act on Promotion of the audiovisual industry and the creation of the Media District. Read More →

“El Dedo a film with original music from Supercharango at the MOMA museum”

January 17, 2012

Global Film Initiative included the Argentinan “El Dedo” Sergio Teubal’s movie within the 10 winning films for Global Lens 2012 in their line-up to perform at the Museum of Modern Art in New York (MOMA).

“El Dedo” movie musicalized by Supercharango, Best Soundtrack at the International Festival of Malatya (Turkey)

December 28, 2011

Recognized awards for “El Dedo”-the debut from Sergio Teubal have been the result of a successful tour to promote this film around the world. Read More →

Supercharango wins the Jerry Goldenberg 2011 award

November 29, 2011

Buenos Aires. Last friday in the Sheraton Pilar hotel were held The Jerry Goldenberg Awards for Excellence in Communications, organized by Editorial Dossier, where the winners of the 19 categories were finally announced.


“La Plegaria del Vidente” with original music from Supercharango at the International Film Festival of Mar del Plata

November 5, 2011

Inspired by a real case La Plegaria del Vidente it’s based on a fiction about the disturbing case of “El loco de la Ruta” El Vasco, an obsessed detective,Riveros a police reporter and Mauro a solitary seer. Read More →

Supercharango composes and produces music for the new VW Golf GTI campaign

November 1, 2011

Last night. Volkswagen presented an innovative and interactive open tv proposal in which 5 million pilots participated. Under the concept 5 GTI, 5 channels, 1 race, at 20:50 pm the GTI race has been simultaneously transmitted. Read More →

New campaign from “Cerveza Norte” musicalized by Supercharango

October 28, 2011

Cerveza Norte created the first intelligent beer cooler, that is able to make people mmune to any cameras and tags in social networks. The beer coolers were distributed in the main bars in northern Argentina.
Agency: Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi.

Supercharango receives the “Lapiz de Oro” award with “El Sopleteador 2”

October 28, 2011

Arnet’s band from “The Sopleteador 2”, sung by Machito Ponce, was chosen as the “Lapiz de Oro” from the Second Semester. The commercial was created by Santo and the music provided by Supercharango.

Supercharango at the 35th Mostra Internacional de Cine in São Paulo

October 26, 2011

Nicolas Diaz went to San Pablo to present “El Dedo”. The film starring by Gabriel Goity, Fabián Vena, Martin Seefeld and Mariana Briski among others. It was also awarded in the Guadalajara and Montreal festivals.


Festival des Films du Monde: “El Dedo”, with original music by Supercharango is among the winners

August 29, 2011

The Argentinian film, “El Dedo” by Sergio Teubal, won the Glauber Rocha Award, dedicated to Latin American cinema in the 35th edition of the Montreal Film Festival held between August 18 and 28. Read More →

Magnum “Leap”, campaign musicalized by Supercharango

June 30, 2011

Rachel Bilson won¹t let anything get in her way of reaching her ultimate pleasure, Magnum ice cream.
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Magnum “Acrobat”, campaign with original music of Supercharango

June 27, 2011

Agency: Lola (Madrid).
Music: Supercharango.

La Campagnola, Del Campo and Supercharango, “Lapiz de Platino”

May 19, 2011

The musical band “Cuchara, Cucharita, Cucharon” from La Campagnola, created by Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi and produced by Supercharango, won the “Lapiz de Platino” 2010. Read More →

“El Dedo’s” trailer, the film with original music by Supercharango

May 12, 2011

A small town revolutionized by the murder of a mayoral candidate. His finger after an oath of revenge will rest in a jar and it will be the excuse to fathom the murder, changing the elections results, refresh love stories and revive a quiet village.

“El Dedo”, the film with original music from Supercharango, winner of the Best Debut in Guadalajara

April 2, 2011

“El Dedo” by Sergio Teubal, won the award for the Best Debut Feature at the 26th. Guadalajara’s Film Festival, where besides the award for Best Mexican Film went to “El Premio” by Paula Markovitch’s Argentina. Read More →

Supercharango is in charge of the musical production of “El Ultimo Elvis” film

November 11, 2010

After 8 weeks of intensive work they finished filming “El Ultimo Elvis”, the first film directed by Armando Bo and starring by John McInerny, Griselda Siciliani, and Margarita Lopez. Read More →

FIAT Palio “Route 6 & Parking”

October 26, 2010

Agency: Leo Burnett Argentina. 

Production: Landia. 

Music: Supercharango.

“Luisa” trailer, movie musicalized by Supercharango

September 3, 2010

Gonzalo Calzada’s movie Luisa, in which Leonor Manso plays the title role, is a rather interesting character in the nature of loss and loneliness, of fear and desolation in the big city. Read More →

Supercharango receives the “Lapiz de Oro” award with “Los Caminos del Corazon”

July 23, 2010

Topper’s commercial “Caminos”, created by Kepel & Mata.

Topper “Un Corazón a 10.000 Revoluciones”

May 15, 2010

Agency: Kepel & Mata.
Studio: Suversiva.
Music: Supercharango.

Supercharango composes and produces the music of the new global campaign for Magnum Gold

February 11, 2010

Bryan Singer has directed Benicio del Toro in a commercial for the new Magnum season.
After 15 years of shooting the film The Usual Suspects, Bryan Singer and Benicio del Toro are working together again, for Magnum. Read More →

Magnum “Gold”

February 11, 2010

Agency: Lola.
Directed by Bryan Singer.
Music: Supercharango.

Supercharango won the golden FIAP in the original music category

April 29, 2009

Supercharango won the golden FIAP in the Original Music category with the “Futbolista” duet from Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi agency for Cerveza Norte. Read More →

7Up “Soy Lo Que Soy”

April 24, 2009

Agency: BBDO (Argentina).
Production: Landia.
Music: Supercharango.

Supercharango receives the 2008 “Lapiz de Plantino” award with “Bonjovis” for Bafici

March 18, 2009

We received our third “Lapiz de Platino” from the last four years, this time with “Bonjovis” for Bafici.

El General Paz & La Triple Frontera” are recording their new album in our studios. January 2009

January 29, 2009

Anel Paz, the leader of this group, was the guitarist and the producer from “Los Violadores”.

VW Polo “Laura”

April 6, 2008

Agency: Bus.

Supercharango wins the “Jerry Goldenberg” award in the “Musical Production” category

December 3, 2007

El viernes pasado se entregaron los Premio Jerry Goldenberg, una distinción que premia la excelencia en las comunicaciones.
Los 18 ganadores son: Read More →

“Lapiz de Oro” for “Falling” Personal

October 25, 2007

La banda del comercial “Bajando” de Personal, realizada por Supercharango, y el Jingle de Disco “Vale la mitad”, a cargo de Noroeste, fueron los elegidos como los Lápices de Oro de Bandas y Jingles respectivamente. Read More →

Personal “Foto Foto”

August 4, 2007

Agency: Draft FCB.

Renault Logan “Un Dia Mariana”

June 20, 2007

Agency: Publicis.
Music: Supercharango.

Sandro recorded his new album “Secretamente Palabras de Amor” in Supercharango

October 10, 2006

Este el quinto disco que el Astro graba en nuestro estudios.
La grabación del disco estuvo en manos de Sebastián Quirno y Anel Paz.
El CD fue presentado en la Biblioteca Nacional, y recibió el Disco de Platino el mismo día de su lanzamiento. Read More →

Cinetauro and Supercharango next to Moderatto

October 6, 2006

The producer Martin Wolf joined Supercharango to make the video clip “Sentimettal” for the Mexican band Moderatto. Read More →

Presentation of “Autoayuda” a new album from “Sergio Pángaro & Baccarat” in “El Ateneo”

November 9, 2005

Supercharango junto a Pop art edito el CD “Autoyuda” de Sergio Pángaro & Baccarat, la presentacion del disco se hizo en dos fechas en el teatro Ateneo los dias 3 y 4 de noviembre. Read More →

Supercharango musicalized the new Chevrolet Vectra campaign

October 8, 2005

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Supercharango won the “Lapiz de Platino 2005” award with “Drapie” for Chevrolet

March 9, 2005

Todos los profesionales convocados por Editorial Dossier para participar en el jurado del Lápiz de Oro durante el 2005 se dieron cita en el Palacio San Miguel para elegir los ganadores de los Lápices de Platino de Gráfica, Radio, Bandas, Jingles, y los países invitados: Read More →

Kinky Mix

November 16, 2004

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“Lapiz de Oro” for “Sombras”

September 25, 2004

Aerolineas Argentinas

Recording “12 Monos” album

July 6, 2004

Supercharango produjo y edito el disco debut de 12 monos. Read More →

“Lapiz de Oro” for “Luces”

March 10, 2004

Ganador Bandas 2do Semestre 2003. Read More →