Supercharango’s recording studios have the latest technology industry standards:

Buenos Aires Studio: designed and built by WSDG, an american company that builded studios for Jimie Hendrix and Green Day among others; equipped with Prottols HD, Neumann, Shure and AKG Mics, API, Avalon and Manley preamps and channel strips, Focal and Yamaha monitors.

Some prestigious artists that have recorded in our studio were Gustavo Cerati, Charly García, Pappo, Joaquín Sabina and Sandro.

San Pablo Studio: Desinged to meet the standards of the musical industry, it has the best hi end equipment: Neve, API, Shadow Hills, Nuemann, SSL, Great River, Vintech, Universal Audio, Amek, Purple, Cranesong, Brauner microphones.

Some of the artists that we recorded: Munhóz e Mariano, Marcos e Belutti, João Neto e Frederico, Zé Henrique e Gabriel, Raízes Rasta, Sarah Sheeva, Celso Pixinga, Nenê Trio, Fernando Céster, Just, Um só ideal, Jayne, Tito, Jair Luz, Paulinho Calasans, Massaroca da TV Cultura, Banda DOM, Zeppa.